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WireGuard and EdgeOS

Background I spent some time over the last few weeks getting a start on my home network and removing the ISP provided Router from the network (putting it into modem mode), so it only passes the internet to my router and does nothing else. I previously had bought a UISP EdgeRouter 12P from Ubiquity, it has been a good Router so far. The documentation around EdgeOS could be better, it gives commands to run to make changes to the configuration but doesn’t always describe what each of the fields are or how they relate....

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For the last 7 or 8 years I’ve been using the Linux terminal password manager Pass. I find this to be very easy to use and it fits in nicely with my workflow. I have combined this with some other software that helps in using this across devices. What you’ll need: GPG and a PGP Key, I won’t cover setting these up Pass git tomb Make sure to check out the Pass website, it lists many plugins and clients that you can use....

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Flux with Kind and Soft Serve

Originally post to This article covers getting a local Kind cluster setup with Flux and the self hosted git server Soft Serve. Requirements You will need to have the following installed: docker installation kubectl installation kustomize installation flux installation kind installation soft installation Assumptions I am assuming the following things: Running on Linux Familiar with: Docker YAML Git Kind kubectl Let’s get Started We need to run two copies of Soft Serve in order to be able to access and configure the software....

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I’m going to run through what is needed to get Kubernetes running on a cluster of Raspberry Pi 3 machines. Thankfully with the addition of kubeadm this has become fairly trivial. The getting started guide for kubeadm can give you more information about the tool itself, I’ll outline the steps here but feel free to go to that getting started guide. There are a few blog posts out there that discuss doing this and suggest using hypriot (because docker didn’t officially support the arm architecture) as the OS to use....

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Mechanical Keyboard

I made the decision a while ago that I wanted to get a mechanical keyboard, so I started to look into it and found that there is quite a lot going on in that area of keyboards. My first stop was to search using Google and see what I could find. It showed me quite a few sites which appeared good: Mechanical Keyboards, Code Keyboards and WASD Keyboards (who make Code Keyboards) to name some, but the most useful link it gave me was to the Reddit community /r/MechanicalKeyboards....

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